Our investment platform includes both public and private commingled strategies as well as separately managed accounts and co-investment vehicles. While our different offerings target varying risk/return profiles and particular sub-sectors, all of our strategies are focused on energy credit investments. 

Return profiles are based on a mix of both yield and principal appreciation. The principal appreciation component stems from four potential return drivers:

Special Situation Opportunities
Idiosyncratic, alpha generating investments that can be based on our early, or differing view of a particular asset, basin or subsector relative to the market.  Includes being a “solution Provider,” whereby we replace banks and lend to companies in need of new capital, looking to refinance their debt, restructure, etc.

Opportunistic and Relative Value Trading
These opportunities are numerous and can be related to acquiring cheaper assets within the capital structure of a particular entity, or relative to another company.

Re-Org/Distressed Opportunities
As a result of the energy downturn, there are many interesting restructuring opportunities whereby bondholders convert debt to equity at the trough of the cycle.

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